What is Scoop?

Introducing Scoop

The ioTransit Scoop is a service that ioTransit offers to agencies to better manage their Real-Time vehicle locations and stop arrival information. Our process allows you to seamlessly integrate your Real-Time vehicle, stop, and on-time performance information with your existing ArcGIS projects and applications that you use in ArcGIS Online or Enterprise. This service could also be used for any other type of custom application that would need Real-Time data. Allowing you to take ownership of your projects instead of settling for something that doesn't work specifically for your agency.




Use Cases

While Scoop is able to integrate with anything that can take in JSON data there are some use cases that are great right out of the box. Below is the start of list of projects where we will be using Scoop to create ArcGIS Online solutions and beyond.

Create a dashboard to monitor your fleet

The magic of Scoop is being able to build upon what you have. ArcGIS online is known for its great no and low code tools. One of those tools is their Operation Dashboard. By combining the 2 you can create a Real-Time fleet dashboard over a cup of coffee

Build a call center application

Working in a call center is demanding. There are a lot of pieces of data out there they agents will switch between programs and pages. With Scoop and ArcGIS you can create a map that combines routes, stops, vehicles, on-time performance and Emergency Response districts.

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