Develop a Better Communication Strategy with Scoop

When it comes to creating an effective communication strategy we often look outward to the people that we serve to tighten our communication and often don’t look inward in how we are speaking, writing and messaging to our people. These cards left on the table make it hard for everyone to feel involved, validated, and informed. Worst of all with the status quo as it is we are no closer to breaking down the silos we keep meaning to get around to.

“But we have so many things that we have to communicate in the moment”

It’s true, when transit deals with issues there are immediate needs that need to be addressed and your energy, attention and focus needs to be available to focus on those fires. The type of communication that I am talking about is more of a scheduled communication, a hammer to the silo. 

That’s where Scoop comes in. ioTransit wants to help you communicate better on a schedule. We want to be the heartbeat of your organization. 

  • The digest that you look in your inbox in the morning. 
  • The dashboards and API’s that allow you to look to see how the fleet performed.
  • The real-time map that allows your team to respond quicker to situations.


You start your day with a cup of coffee. We want you to start with us too. We want you to be able to see what happened yesterday, last week and last month all on your phone in a simple email. 

With Scoop’s scheduled analysis and email system we take care of keeping your team up to date by creating a structured notification system that puts everyone on a media diet. No more emailing about what the performance numbers were. No more email forwarding. No more sick days for your analyst. 

Everyone just gets the same email at the same time every morning. 

Analytics & API’s

I have said it a million times. 

You shouldn’t have to be a data scientist to understand how to use a dashboard.

Our goal with our analytics is to not provide you with the most nuanced insights, but to help you understand the question that you will get 70% of the time. We want you to be able to dig in, with a small trowel and understand how things have gone enough to have a conversation. 

We want the dashboard that we provide you to answer your questions within a couple of minutes and are working hard to understand what the most important questions are rather than simply guessing and overthinking a tool you won't want to use. 

Scoop analytics is starting with On-Time performance analysis. Working with public data we have been able to perform analysis that allows you to look at your data on a skin deep level and allow for GIS analysts to dig deeper with our support of ArcGIS Online. 


When it comes to the in the moment communications there are so many barriers to entry to getting something that you team will work for your team. We have taken the hassle of getting your GTFS-RT (Google Real-Time transit data) into ArcGIS Online. 

Scoop is proud to be able to offer a real-time data connection for vehicles and stop arrival information that can be easily used virtually anywhere.

We did this for a number of reasons.

  • Your people have invested time and money into it already.
  • We want to meet you where you are at.
  • Integration into a low code platform allows you to better design a solution for you.
  • Integration into an industry standard makes it easier for you build a custom solution.

Communication is hard. Getting people on the same page shouldn’t be. Contact us to learn more about how Scoop can take your agency to the next level.

When it comes down to the day to day with transit everyone is met with a barrage of communication that ranges from the annoying to the bazaar

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