The 15 Minute On-Time Performance Dashboard

What's this all about

IoTransit wants to help you build your own technology infrustructure not lock you into a product that doesn't work for you. With Scoop you will be able to take GTFS-RT or another Realtime data feed and create something that you can use and manage in your ArcGIS online or enterprise environment. By integrating with tools that your organization already utilizes you will be able to own your own solution.

This tutorial will walk you through how your agency can use Scoop to build an ArcGIS Operation Dashboard in 15 minutes using Scoop.

What is Scoop

Scoop is a service that ioTransit provides that takes your existing Real-Time feed either GTFS-RT or other and allows you to import that data into ArcGIS online or ArcGIS Enterprise to give you the power to create applications that help you work better. Simple as that. Unlike GTFS-RT can use it with ArcGIS online and enterprise

Adding Scoop Real-Time vehicles to Portal

  1. In the top left corner of the ArcGIS Portal home screen click "Add Item" then "From URL"            
Add item
  2. Then select "ArcGIS Server web service" and paste your Scoop URL into the form.            

Styling your Vehicles

  1. Once your vehicles have been successfully added to your portal go to the vehicles properties page and select "Visualization"            
Select Visualization
  2. Select the "Change Style" button on the left side of the screen            
  2. Select "delay_type"
select delay_type

Creating a Map of your system

  1. Go back to the "Overview" page
  2. Click "Open in Map Viewer"
  3. Add your Stops and Routes to the map
  4. Save your map
  5. On the bottom left side of dark gray panel of the screen click "Create App" then click "Dashboards"            
create a dashboard

Creating a Dashboard

  1. In the top right select the "+" button and click "Pie Chart"            
select pie chart
  2. Select your Vehicles in the list of layers
  3. Under "Category Field" select "delay_type            
style pie chart

You're DONE!!!

That's it you just created your first dashboard in ArcGIS Online for more tips and to stay informed signup for the ioTransit Newsletter

Or better yet sign-up for our beta to get access to scoop

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