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Public transit operations is hard. We are here to build better commications for day-to-day operations rising to whatever challenge your agency comes across.

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It’s important you know how your transit system functions, and for that, you need a partner. Using cutting-edge technology, let us be your advisor in transit planning and operations. IoTransit knows that it is important to know about how transit functions and we have experience working with Transit Planning, Operations, and serving agencies with amazing technology.


Less emails in your inbox, better tools for data. ioTransit aims to make life easier for your whole operations team.We strive to reduce the emails in your inbox, create tools and data that your whole operations team will want to use on a daily basis.

Reduced Mainteance

Our workflows get you up and running fast. Keep your team up to date, let us take care of your maintenance.

Plug and Play

Public Transit operations can be difficult when systems are out of date, or siloed off from key platforms. We are here to solve disconnected systems, and route information to the people who need it, delivered in a simple package.When you are working with distributed workers in Public Transit communications and operations can be difficult when you have older or siloed technology solutions. We are hear to solve that.

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IoTransit makes complexity simple. We believe the future work flows should solve problems as they arise with real-time operations. Understanding your workers, fleet, and performance in real-time means your agency responds fast, in real-time, to errors and inefficiencies which may go undetected for days, weeks, or months. 
We build with the tools your agency already uses. Molded for systems like ArcGIS Online, Scoop serves up the simplest, most important, updates from chaotic data sets. With ioTransit, you don't worry about hosting or maintenance. We update you as soon as you update your GTFS (Google Feed).

It’s that simple. ioTransit is working to the future of ioT in Transit to help that work with other open systems and workflows to solve problems as they arise with real-time operations. Rather than looking at the future or the past our focus is to have a better understanding of your workers, fleet and performance in real-time so that your agency can better respond in real-time. We are building with existing tools that your agency likely already uses on a daily basis like ArcGIS and our solution is meant to compliment these systems so that you can build upon what you have rather than being served something out of a box. With IoTransit you are not only buying a product that works, but you don't have to worry about hosting or maintenance. IoTransit is dedicated to providing you with updates and maintaining hosting for our services that update when you update your GTFS (Google Feed).

Esri Partnership

ioTransit is a proud Esri Bronze Partner. The future of transit is in mapping, and our partnership with Esri means we’ll improve transit operations well into the future.IoTransit is proud to be an Esri Bronze Partner. We believe that the future of transit is in mapping and with our partnership with Esri we hope to improve transit operations well into the future.

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We’d love to hear your weird transit stories.Get in touch with us—feel free to reach out with any inquiries.
Feel free to reach out with any inquires. We love to talk and hear about all your weird transit stories.

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